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What the heck is this thing?
It’s a new gadget that diffuses essential oil right into the air coming out of your vents! It’s controlled by an app so it’s easy to set up. Get rid of all of your different plug-ins (with different cartridges to remember to buy), scented candles, sprays, and candle warmers. Now your whole house will smell great, all the time, right from one place!
Where do I get the scent cartridges?
Sign up for our easy subscription service and they’ll automatically show up at your doorstep when you need them! You can also just order them from us when it’s time for a new one.
What does it smell like?
Our diffusers use our custom blends of 100% natural, therapy-grade essential oils, and we have a whole range of different options! Find one you like and stick with it, or enjoy our new pick for you every month. If you get one you don’t like, just send it back and you we will replace it for free--we’ll cover the shipping too! It’s all easy to setup from our website.
How do you hook it up?
Check out our setup page for videos and step by step instructions.

It’s super easy and you have a couple of options:

-You can hook it up directly to a duct in your furnace room. To do that you just have to drill a small hole (we include the drill bit), affix a small grommet, and feed a small plastic tube into the hole.

-If you don’t want to mess with all of that, just find a return vent (one of the larger ones that sucks in air instead of blowing it out) and run the tube into that vent.

Will it work at my place?
If your house is heated or cooled by air blowing out of vents, it will work! If you heat via baseboard heaters, radiant heat, and don’t have any Air Conditioner, it might not be the right fit.

The easiest way to know is, if you have a furnace or AC where you have to regularly change an air filter, it will work for you! Just hook it up where ever that air filter goes. You may need to run an extension cord to a power outlet if there isn’t one close to where your filter is.
I don’t want to drill a hole! Will it still work for me?
Yes! You just have to feed a small tube into your duct where your air filter goes, or feed the tube into a return vent (one of the ones that sucks in air). Just find one in a discrete spot with an outlet nearby.
Will the scent oil damage my furnace or duct work?
Not at all! This technology is widely used in lots of commercial applications, like retail stores, hotel lobbies, and casinos. So you’ve likely experienced this product without realizing it. We have the benefit of years of use of this same product in those applications so we know it’s a stable technology that doesn’t have undesired side-effects on your equipment
Is it bad to breathe the scent all the time if it’s coming out of my vents all day?
Our scents are all made from 100% natural, therapy grade essential oil, so they’re total natural and safe to breathe. As with any household product, if you experience any allergy or negative effect, you should discontinue use, and we encourage pregnant or nursing women to follow advice from their physician on all household products.

Also you can configure the timer so you’re only diffusing into the air when you want it, so you’re not diffusing all night or for hours at a time while home.
Will it run all the time? If my heater runs in the middle of the night will I smell it?
With our app you can set up windows of time when you want it to run. So you could set it up to run first thing in the morning for an hour or two, and then for a couple of hours when everyone gets home in the afternoon, then shut off at bedtime. This way you won’t waste your scent cartridge
How long will the scent cartridge last?
Everyone’s life is a little different, but we try to make one cartridge last 1 month. If your house is smaller you might use less, or if you run it all day you might use more. It just depends on how you set it up in your app. If you need cartridges more frequently or less frequently we can easily alter the schedule from our website.
I’m renting, will this still work?
As long as you have a furnace filter that you (or your landlord) change out periodically, it will work. You don’t have to alter the furnace or any of the equipment in the home. Just run the tube in where the furnace filter goes. If the air system is centralized among several apartments, or if you have no access to the furnace or air conditioner, it might not work for you. You should consult the landlord before installation.
Will drilling a hole in my vent, like, break something?
Nope! You just need to drill a small (7/16”) hole in the hollow vent right above your furnace. The included grommet creates an air-tight seal so you don’t have any leaks. If you change your mind, patching that hole is as simple as a small square of handy Duct Tape! (It is a duct after all!)
I don’t want to mess with installing this thing. Can I hire someone to do it for me?
For sure! Any HVAC tech, electrician, or handyman should be able to install based on our instructions, and they can reach out to our support team with any questions.
What does the app do?
The app lets you set a schedule when the home diffuser will run, and at what level it will run, based on the needs of your life. So you can set it up at just the right level of potency, and set it up to run only when you want it to.
If the scent comes out all of my vents, won’t it be overpowering?
You can set it up to whatever level you want, right from your app. If you have company coming over, turn it up a little. If it’s too strong, turn it down--right from your smartphone or tablet.
In some seasons, my furnace or air conditioner don’t run very often, or I try to leave them off. Will it still work then?
You just have to run your fan every once in a while to keep the air moving. This is a good idea anyway, as it keeps the air fresh and clean and avoids warm or cool spots. You can turn it on or off directly from your thermostat. The most ideal thing to do is to set your fan to run automatically for 15-30 minutes per hour during the hours of the day you will be home. This is easy to do with most smart thermostats! What kind of smart thermostat do you have?

What are the dimensions of the Home Diffuser?
Height: 8 1/2"
Width: 7 1/8"
Depth: 3 5/16"

Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz.
What is Zephyr's Return Policy
Don't like it? No problem! Our satisfaction guarantee is for real.

We will accept a return for any reason within 30 days. We'll even e-mail you a shipping label. Just e-mail returns@zephyrfresh.com to initiate a return.

If you don't like any scent you receive, just let us know within 30 days and we'll replace it for free.

If your diffuser has any hardware issues within the first year of purchase, we will replace it. Just return your defective unit and we'll ship out a replacement.

Contact returns@zephyrfresh.com to initiate the return/exchange.

Check out our terms & conditions for more details.
How do I set it up?
Checkout our setup page for a step-by-step walk through.

If I have more than one Furnace or Air Conditioner system, do I need more than one Zephyr?

The general rule is you need one Zephyr per thermostat. So, for example, if you have a thermostat that controls the main floor heating and cooling, and you have another thermostat that controls the basement, you would need 1 Zephyr for each floor.

If need 2 units, use code twounits25 to save $25 on the second unit!

Or you could start with just one Zephyr that covers the major areas of the home, and add if needed.

How much space will the Zephyr fill?
We find that the Zephyr can fill up to at least 4,000 square feet.

However, if you have more than one HVAC unit, you may need more than one Zephyr. The general rule is, the Zephyr will fill any space controlled by one thermostat. So if you have 2 thermostats at home, you may need more than one Zephyr.
How do I use the built in screen and buttons?
We recommend that you control your Zephyr with the smart phone app, because we think that's the easiest way. But if you would rather use the built in user interface--meaning the screen and 4 buttons on the front of the Zephyr--we have an instruction guide for that!

Zephyr Home Diffuser Programming Guide
How long is the power cord?
The Zephyr power cord is about 8 feet long.
I can't get my app to connect over Wi-Fi
If you are having a hard time getting the Zephyr to connect to your home's Wi-Fi through the app, or if there is an issue where the Zephyr does not stay online, the best solution is to connect directly to the Wi-Fi network created by the Zephyr, the Aromalink_xxxx network.

You can find the instructions on how to do that here.

If you don't see the Aromalink_xxxx network in the list of available networks on your phone, you can get it back by resetting your Zephyr.

Here are the instructions to reset your Zephyr.

The Aromalink Wi-Fi network disappeared
When the Zephyr thinks it has successfully connected to your home network, it will stop broadcasting the Aromalink_xxxx Wi-Fi network.

To get it back you just have to reset your Zephyr.

Here you can find the instructions to reset your Zephyr.